Not Just Money

A few days ago I tried to find additional work, because so many of my urgent need to find extra money. Actually I do not like to work a double but can make me more tired, can also make my limited time with my boyfriend. But eventually I ventured to apply to , and then my friend offered some freelance work.

Then I called one of them.  A voice from the other side of the phone answering my calls.

"Hello, can I help you .." said the male voice answered.

"Sorry, if this is the phone number that require labor Public Relations?" I asked.

"Yeah right, this is by R. Sorry, this is with whom?" he asked.

"It is with Debby. I want to apply for a Public Relations. Are there any vacancies?"

"There. You've Facebook? Let me see your face first .."

I was silent, whether to look up first?

Luckily I have two accounts up that previously did I prepare for my purposes beyond the everyday world.

Then I gave an account that there are no friends on account of them except my closest friends.

After that he hung up.

Then a few hours later he gave the news that I am waiting to meet on the week end at a mall in central Jakarta.

I said yes and I feel must be prepared for the interview.

Then when that day comes, in a few hours before meeting him SMS me, saying I should look attractive, wearing high heels and dress sexy.

I was surprised.

I replied to her SMS, and asked when wearing the hijab was not a problem?

And he called me with anger,

"Why did not you say that you wear hijab?"

 I ask again,

"Does it have to?"

"Of course, it's for entertainment, shouldn't wear the hijab.."

"Oh .. Then I resigned only. I think a public relations need only look attractive, straightforward, articulate and smart. Not having to dress sexy is not it?"

"Yes it should be like that, many who wear the hijab and why they would remove her hijab .."

 I flinched. Frowned.

"Okay sir thank you, I remain resigned."


 He hung up.

For a moment I felt annoyed, if image of a PR should dress sexy?

 I am as a person who once studied in Interstudi, where the Public Relations reliable place to go to school was never taught to dress sexy. Or maybe I do not ever follow the lessons properly ...

Then I told my boyfriend, I just tried to provoke him by saying I am willing to open my hijab for money.

Then he was angry, and said "just for the money you sacrifice a faith?"

 I smiled and replied,

"Of course not, dear. I also do not want ..."

Then I thought again of the man's words. My heart is sad, to see the existing reality. If true it says, why they want to open their hijab for the sake of money?

Maybe, the world is getting crazy.  And I must open my eyes wide open, that era is now no longer required a smart brain, intellectual, and knowledgeable. All it takes is a sexy body!

* The final conclusions are not my own conclusions, but the conclusion most women who were desperate to find employment to many who sacrificed their faith by going to hijab ..*

Actually, if we believe that God exists, of course we will be confident that God will always set the good fortune to us.

Then I remembered the words my sister said,

If we don't feel it, we won't be able to enjoy the good life. Because all this balancing, without colors, plain white paper. That's life, it is sometimes difficult to sometimes glad to not have to worry as long as we do not violate the limits and faith...


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