Today I feel sad, but because so long I sent my manuscript to a publisher the manuscript of the novel but continued to decline. Just because my script does not match the market demand that many ask for writing such a dramatic love story drama on television.

I don't like it, I write because my soul calls, I am writing to express my wild imagination and I wrote to spill the entire contents of my feelings and thoughts. and it can not be set. What it all goes there, without restriction and without regulation.

I just gave up, I think the publishers must comply with a request, but then I thought why do I have to follow them? I have the soul itself. I like the painter who paints on my soul, on the basis of my inspiration. not based on rules from other people.

So I'll keep writing as my soul, I don't care if my manuscript was rejected several times, I'm sure there will be publishers who accept it someday. I am sure of it.

My status on facebook today:

I am an idealist in writing. I remain principled in my soul. If no publisher who accepted my script, it does not matter, it will not stop me to keep writing and will not alter my course to write a love story like a television drama for the sake of following the market share. Because for me, writing is the soul and the media scratching my wild imagination. No need to express the rules in.


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  1. Ada saatnya kita maju, baik perlahan, normal atau berlari.
    Ada saatnya kita berhenti, baik sejenak untuk istirahat atau memikirkan langkah yg terbaik atau berhenti untuk selamanya.
    Dan ada saatnya kita mundur, baik selangkah ataupun beribu langkah. Bukan mundur untuk menyerah, tapi mundur untuk mengambil langkah berikutnya menuju tujuan yg baru.

    Btw, tumben pake bahasa Inggris. Ya meski agak amburadul, tapi patut diacungi jempol lah usahanya untuk berbahasa Inggris. Sippp...

  2. Ini kan dr google translate. wkwkwkkwkw.. Thanks.